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Special Luncheon for Foundations and Endowed Non-Profits

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 -
11:30am to 2:00pm
The Newark Club, 1085 Raymond Blvd, Newark, NJ 07102
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Leveling the Playing Field: IEX’s Quest to Create Fairer Markets for Investor Trading

Ronan Ryan, Chief Strategy Officer of IEX, the Investors’ Exchange, will share the story of IEX, founded in 2012 by Brad Katsuyama and a team of market structure experts with backgrounds in exchanges, brokerages and high-frequency trading.  Brad’s team discovered that critical layers of the stock market had evolved to give preference to high-speed traders at the expense of the general investing public.  IEX’s goal is to level the playing field by removing impediments to a free and open market. 

IEX received prominent exposure in 2014 with the release of Michael Lewis’ non-fiction book, Flash Boys:  A Wall Street Revolt, and ensuing major media coverage including a CBS 60 Minutes profile and the cover story of the New York Times Magazine.

This luncheon session is a program of CNJG’s biennial Investment Forum for Foundations and Endowments, scheduled for October of 2016.  The Investment Forum provides CEOs, Executive Directors, CFOs, Trustees, and Finance/Investment Committee representatives with rare access to leading investment advisors and valuable insight on such topics as changing your investment advisor, asset allocation strategy, alternative investments, fixed income, active vs. passive investing, good governance, determining your non-profit spending policy, and more.

Please note this luncheon is only open to staff and trustees of foundations and staff and trustees of nonprofits with an endowment that are responsible for the endowment’s investments

Cost: $60 for CNJG Members, Non Member Grantmakers and Non Profits

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